St. Louis’ Very Own Shock Rock, Insane,”True Punk” Music

Without Mother **cking Order (WMFO)  St. Louis punk leaders since 1996. Making original hardcore punk music, shock rock, metal, scum rock and more. With a loyal following of 21 plus years, founded by Greg Gevers, the raunchy, insane, horrifyingly attractive group of men should be arrested on insanity charges alone. These are the people Mom warned you about and this is just the beginning. Visit their FB page Without Mother **ucking Order to find out more. BEWARE this is a hardcore brand of REAL PUNKS. A band that launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a machine to be used to kill their drummer Crash. The band was kicked off crowd funding websites! Their drummer is still playing, although many have stated, “Hell yes, the world could use one less drummer!” Achieving semi-cult status, lead singer Steve McNames a.k.a. Captain Perverto, is an ex-pro-wrestling champion having been a Midwest favorite in Gateway Championship Wrestling.

Without M.F. Order: Leading A Generation

Setting a standard in entertainment at a subculture-cult level. WMFO is a good reflection of fantasy, imagination, twisted thoughts, loud music and raucous fun. McNames says, “Do what you want, but be real, no hard drugs, no alcoholism.

If you die then you can’t do what you want anymore, take it slow.” Occasional cigarettes are McNames only vice.

Socially conscious topics, performing original songs about the AIDS crisis back in the late 90’s, when victims were dying in the waiting rooms, bringing to the forefront societal ills that were largely ignored by the government, politicians and the main stream media.  Looked upon as prophetic by fans, the band’s members, Scumby, Crash, Captain Perverto and Whitey have no issue confronting the un-confrontable, speaking the un-speakable,loving the un-loveable and screaming the un-thinkable.


Greg Gevers (Scumby), guitarist, says to people who are thinking about becoming a musician, “Do what you love, just play and have fun. This digital age can make music easier and it’s not near as expensive as it was in the 90’s. If someone comes to you and wants to know about music, as a Punk Rocker, it’s your responsibility to help them, to teach them, invite them to be your friend or a part of your musical family. Music is to be respected, shared and loved by all.”

The band members are family men, occupy full time jobs, pay their taxes and personify the staple of hard working American blue-collar stock, who love their country as much as their children. Make no mistake these Midwest madmen live up to their name when it comes to showtime. WMFO performs regularly in St. Louis, across the Midwest, has toured the USA more than once and has current plans to play across Japan later this year.

In contrast to their name and music, WMFO is known for standing up for the rights of women, supporting the homeless, respecting others and advocating for those who cannot defend themselves. The band has been known to confront the issues of sexual assault, aids, drugs, alcoholism and other issues that negatively impact society. As one loyal St. Louis South City fan put it, “I would always want these SOB’s on my side; they help protect the weak and they don’t put up with no bullshit. They especially hate bullies that rape women, hurt old people or kids. These guys are cool and their music is so fu**ed up man it’s insanely awesome.”

Photo used with permission