Interview with the Publisher Wayne Bell

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K. Neal, MO Press Member
What do you like about publishing?

Bell: To me publishing is about being an individual, being who you are and loving people. Standing up for what you believe in, being able to accurately reflect what others say and believe in. Helping people at times, holding other people to account, being non-judgmental, accepting the diversity of people, appreciating people, and again, never being judgmental. Standing against the grain, asking the hard questions, being able to say this is who I am and this is what I do. Putting ink on paper became a way of life, a way to earn money. You can have discussions, conversations that continue on for years. I have met people who say, they believe there is no God - therefore it doesn’t matter what we do to each other. That would NOT be me, it does matter. The real story it never ends - until it’s really over. Publishing.





Neal: Why a music magazine?

Bell: Music to me is telepathic in color and sound. Music is based on the chormatic scale, origin of Greek word chroma meaning color and I think it is about the same language, or  seeing ear to ear if you will. One day I was saying it would be great to have a banjo. Our COO took the initiative, went to a music store, bought me a banjo, laid it on my desk, smiled and said “go for it.” An awesome start to a new journey. My banjo is so colorful and beautiful, it makes me see things I did not know were possible. I feel love when I play the banjo and it makes me smile. We are building this music magazine for others in hopes that we can inspire or help people feel their own inner love. Establish a magazine to support, inspire and encourage others to ‘pick up their banjo’ and start their own musical journey. No better time than the present to get something done.

With the digital technology, our talented dedicated staff and commitment to the industry, we build this magazine for the reader, the artists, to represent musicians, to highlight people, to offer a helping hand. Having an avenue of creating new products and bringing them to life, that is what wakes me up in the morning, keeps me motivated, the creativity. 

Neal: I Googled “Wayne Bell Coloring Books” thousands of articles in hundreds of newspapers, radio, TV stations across the globe. Your coloring books? 

Bell: This is a question? I think most of to-what you are referring are called opinion pieces. There will always be the eternal victims and drama queens of life, this is America, you cannot create anything worth something without detractors, haters or jelly bellies. Seriously, you are a journalist; do you think everyone likes you? People understand books, magazines, songs, they know the  printed word  is meaningful, words arouse the mind make you think. To create music, to play music in a band, it can be very intimate in an indescribable  way. People can become sensitive, guarded, hateful even angry and deceitful no matter what you do or say. It’s people, their own opinions, just don’t let them get out of control. I love music and the people in the music industry.

Neal: We read about people who have tried to hurt you, harm your company, even your staff? 

Bell: Okay, I have a few detractors. On rare occassion, people have tried to negatively impact our company. A minority of silly geese. The type of people who choose you as a target in an effort to make themselves look bigger or tougher within their own circles. Hate-crime type stuff, they enjoy and take pride in hatred and wear it like a badge. Truly they are proud of their life hatred. They get arousal from seeing others suffer at their hand and openly swear about it. The more hatred they show the bigger they
believe their reputation. Some people really are built to destroy good things in life. Two drug addicts recently sent an email of
attempted blackmail and extortion. Our legal department
responds with documents, cease and desists, etc. Usually the bad guys destroy themselves. It’s sad. I could go on but these are ugly vibes. I love my work, I love my job and I love my company. We wish our detractors well and hope they find a positive life full of love, health and happiness.

It is intriguing to me how certain types deceive, disrespect, espouse hatred, attempt to do harm, destroy property, then try to walk away with no accountability. Goofey bone-heads. We prefer love, although we do understand and operate in the real world. An old mentor-public speaker, Mort Utley, gave me a quote back in the 80’s, find the postive within the negative, his many quotes still make me smile.

Neal: We hear company is franchising or licensing the magazine namesake across the country and you are debuting new patented technology with some hot new well-known musical talent?

Bell: Correct, part of the plan is, we will have the  details for distribution upon this next issue, this is fun, challenging and exciting. I love it and live for it.

Neal: You are optimistic, upbeat, what do you say?

Bell: Well this is America. I respect our First Amendment rights. The right to dissent, the right to speak up and speak out, the right to challenge the system and the right to hold our leaders to account. I think, it’s better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you are not. It’s a proud moment when someone puts you on their hate list.

Neal: What do you say to people with dreams and ideas of getting into the music industry?

Bell: Seriously, there are a lot of people more qualified than me to give advice on the music industry. From a publishing, entrepreneurial standpoint and my experience of being a musician, I can speak to that. I would say if you or someone you know has an urge to be in the music business, get started and do it now. Identify your goals, surround yourself with qualified positive people who relate to your dreams, relate to your goals and jump right in. Be honest with yourself and to those who support you. Realize music takes time, commitment and always learn from others. Recognize there are a few people that will not have your best interest at heart, not many but a few. Stay away from deceiving and negative people, learn to identify and avoid those types. Educate yourself every way you can and the end of the day, be happy with yourself and know tomorrow you can go and try to do even more. Create a song or something you will be remembered for and let the generations to come listen to what you sound like. Your family heirs might like that. I have always thought music, books and art, those are three things that continue to pass thru time, long, long after their creator is dead and gone. Dream, dream big, learn to overcome obstacles and if someone tries to kill your dream or shut you down, put your foot so far up their butt they spit and choke on leather. Then move on. The Love of Music Magazine®...

Neal: Any last comments? 

Bell: Yes. When you go to bed at night, “It’s your life’s work that will either put you to sleep or keep you up”.

One last thing “Find the positive side of life, enjoy each day as if its your last”.

N. Wayne Bell Founder - Publisher
Banjo and Bass player wannabe!

Drew “Johnny” St. John - Music Director - Advertising Manager

With many streaming service providers offering super low payouts* how can local bands benefit from streaming? 

Streaming services like Soundcloud, Deezer and iHeart Radio give your audience 24/7 access to your product on the same platform as industry giants.  Despite low payouts these services even the playing field across the industry; no tryouts needed, just upload and start plying your craft.  Spotify openly displays the number of monthly listeners giving bands and fans a sort of real time monthly stock price of an artist.  These tools help you get a feel for your audience and track your progress.

A tradeoff comes from the other behemoths of the internet:  social media.  These platforms are a direct line to your audience and free use of these valuable tools are the upside to the internet’s championing of free exchange.  Well-crafted, response-inspiring social media will feed your hungry audience in the spaces in-between live performances and release of new material. 

Musicians often state they aren’t paying the rent from the profits of an album.  A major complaint of the industry is lack of funding.  The future lies in entrepreneurship and creating a fan base to financially support your craft. 

If you’d like to share your experience with music streaming services post it to our wall on Facebook with #streaming or email: