Street Beat

Micaela Mohr - A St. Louis Rising Star

Missouri and Midwestern Fan Favorite
Micaela Mohr is becoming known as the “Beautiful Iron Lady” of comedy. Packing shows wall to wall with drinks for all, Mohr the stand-up comedian is known for her quick wit, biting tongue and all out rambunctious behavior. The hecklers nightmare, Micaela has a shiny long, hard, thick beautiful microphone and she knows how to use it.

Running shows weekly around the St. Louis area with performances from the Funny Bone, The Haunt and numerous local clubs, Mohr’s macabre team has a “Live – Rude and Nude” edition-exhibition with music, comedic stylings, burlesque and belly dance.


Innovation, creativity, relative insanity with a passionate love and warm acceptance of her craft, Mohr packs them in. This particular show Live, Rude and Nude brings out the best in St. Louis vaudeville, burlesque and musical entertainment. When you include the comedic stylings, the patrons leave with a belly full of laughs and know they just saw a wild fun St. Louie show, not soon forgotten.

In the entertainment business for over a half decade, Mohr enjoys a family of entertainers. Todd Mohr, Micaela’s brother, is a musician in the band Slush Wave, a St. Louis regional favorite.  You can find out more on Micaela’s social media sites, google searches and where she can be located for a fun time. Micaela also works full time in the health and nutrition business.

Todd Mohr – Musician

Family entertainment is the business. Brother of  Micaela, Todd is a Seasoned
musician, family man and well known St. Louis entertainer.

One of his latest works: Ashes to Stardust, a St. Louis home-grown tribute to the late great David Bowie. Experience the music and magic from his earliest hits to Black Star.