Investigative Reporter Elliott Davis, FOX 2 News - St. Louis

Elliott Davis has distinguished himself as the investigative reporter for FOX 2’s “You Paid For It,” KTVI’s popular ongoing investigations into government waste in our area. Elliott has questioned officials from mayors to governors in search for answers. Elliott also co-anchors evening newscasts on FOX 2 News on Friday and Saturday. Elliott Davis’ diverse career path led him to FOX 2 in May 1980, when he joined FOX 2 News as a weekend writer/editor.

Elliott’s hard work and commitment to excellence in broadcasting were recognized in 2002 with an Emmy Award for the best investigative report, and the St. Louis Black Journalism awards for best television series in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Elliott has received numerous nominations for Emmy Awards. He is a past winner of the Illinois Broadcaster’s Award and is a past recipient of the National Black Journalist award for best television series.


Political Commentator Kevin Jackson, Radio Host

Jackson’s path to becoming a political commentator was not a typical one. Due to the death of his mother at age five, he was adopted and raised by his grandparents, who were staunch Democrats. He recalls, as a child, watching Ronald Reagan give a speech during his unsuccessful run for the presidency, after which he said to his grandparents, “Why are we Democrats, when what we believe is what that guy [Reagan] just said?”  That moment was pivotal: it became the birth of The Black Sphere and Jackson became a self-appointed “Offender of the Left,” sworn to set the record straight on the destruction of the black community at the hand of the
Democratic Party.

Jackson says,  “I was just a poor kid, who was fortunate enough to have been exposed to what the world has to offer in a most unique way. I witnessed life through black and white, and through poverty and wealth. I have always held an optimistic outlook, and my grandparents instilled in me a “no-excuses mentality.”


Radio News Anchor, TV Personality Wendy Wiese

Wendy Wiese has anchored newscasts, interviewed local, state and national newsmakers, narrated award-winning documentaries, and has been a fixture in St. Louis radio for more than 20 years. A recipient of Ohio State Radio and Television News Directors and Missouri Broadcasters Association awards and a graduate of Visitation High School and Fontbonne College, Wendy is active with Catholic Charities and is a board member of the Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club.

Her appearances on KETC-TV’s “Donnybrook” at 7 p.m. Thursdays (or 11 a.m. most Sundays) are always must-see TV. You may have caught the show on one of her infrequent nights off, but “the media veteran herself” is usually there on provocateur Charlie Brennan’s immediate left as she verbally dukes it out with Ray Hartmann, Bill McClellan and Alvin Reid.