Supporting the St. Louis Community
for more than 60 Years.

KETC/Channel 9 was conceived by the St. Louis Community as an innovative means to provide public education and dialogue on topics that affected civic life.  It was a concept that required the vision of St. Louis citizens who realized that television – a relatively new public medium – had the potential to strengthen civic life.  Those visionary citizens also believed that television could be supported by the community in the service of the community.  The vision, commitment, collaboration, funding, and process required to make their concept a reality inspires Channel 9’s strategy for the future.

We provide quality content because it strengthens civic life. We remain independent because we believe it is the basis of trust. We are committed to engagement because it fosters a healthy community. We believe in making our content easily accessible, because the more people we engage, the greater our value becomes. We want to create sound business models, because we want to continue our good work. We want to connect our citizens with one another because we believe it is important to bring St. Louis together. We believe that if we succeed in our mission, we will ignite the spirit of possibility in St. Louis.

Trusted independent media give voice and vision to a democratic society.



KDHX - St. Louis’ Own Community Radio Station.

KDHX is an independent, non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station in St. Louis, Missouri, United States located at 88.1 MHz FM offering a full spectrum of music along with cultural and public affairs programming since 1987. KDHX broadcasts 24 hours a day online and with 42 kW of effective radiated power in stereo with RBDS data.

KDHX is licensed to the Double Helix Corporation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit arts and educational organization with a mission to create community through media.

The Double Helix Corporation was formed after the demise of KDNA, a countercultural community-radio station that operated in St. Louis’s Gaslight Square district in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The corporation is independent of any governmental entity and is not affiliated with any religious or educational organization. The KDHX offices and studio are located at 3524 Washington Avenue in Grand Center. Its tower is located in the northern part of Jefferson County.


Source: Helix