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NADDI is the leading drug diversion training organization in the nation, with the largest networking platform for professionals involved in the field of pharmaceutical drug diversion. The NADDI networking platform provides the opportunity to bring diverse viewpoints, education, support, and resources to the individuals facing the challenges in the fight against the misuse and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

Established in 1989, the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, Inc. (NADDI) is a uniquemembership organization whose members are responsible for investigating and prosecuting pharmaceutical drug diversion.

NADDI is a professional organization that connects innovative people, great ideas and vital training to advance the fight against pharmaceutical drug misuse and abuse. We do that by developing networking and educational opportunities and providing them in an ethical forum.

When you attend a NADDI training event, your attendance also includes membership into the NADDI organization.This provides you with direct contact to individalsacross the United States and other surrounding territories who are engaged in the highly specialized field of pharmaceutical drug diversion prevention.

In summary, NADDI training provides you with current fact based knowledge; exposes you to a diverse network of experts; enhances your skill set; makes available a vast set of educational resources; and offers unique ideas to assist you in combating the challenges you face in your field.

Find the best NADDI training to fit your needs and availability!

Membership to the NADDI organization comes with many great benefits. The most important advantage is gaining access to NADDI’s large network of drug diversion professionals. The connections you find through our Member Directory and Community Forums will enhance your career outlook.

While NADDI sponsors and conducts numerous specialized educational seminars and conferences throughout each year. NADDI also facilitates collaboration between law enforcement, healthcare professionals, state regulatory agencies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the investigation and prevention of prescription drug abuse and diversion.

As a member you will gain access to many valuable resources such as: the NADDI community forums, conference presentations, publications, employment opportunities, exclusive discounts, and more!

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US Department of Health and Human Services Report