Music with a Message


Artists have historically been the prophets and mouthpieces of society, calling out injustice and leading the conversation.  While the debate over the opioid crisis rages, St. Louis hip hop artist Thi’sl has been especially candid about the evils of the drug that has ruined or taken the lives of his loved ones.  “I Hate You (Crack)” is a heartfelt dismissal of the life of a hustler, the drug of choice and havoc it wreaks.  “Yeah you brought the money/But with it came the pain/Yeah you made it sunny/But then it brought the rain/I came to set ‘em free/ Man I’m through with makin’ slaves/And I don’t care how many of the rappers sing you praise/I hate you.”  With honesty and integrity, Thi’sl proves that character outweighs bravado.

MiKayla Gunn

The entertainment industry is a notoriously cutthroat and difficult to navigate profession that demands strength, determination and thick skin to succeed in. MiKayla Gunn is a St. Louis country artist, songwriter, actress and model who juggles all her entertainment ventures with grace. Anywhere Gunn goes she thanks those that contribute to her successes, calling them “some of the most talented…in the industry.” Her successes are broad and varied, holding five cast credits on, various modeling shoots and having held titles such as Miss St. Louis County Teen USA, Miss O’Fallon Teen USA and Miss St. Charles County Teen USA. Gunn’s message to all who reach for their dreams: “Stay optimistic, keep your head up and let the light shine through you because you are amazing and can do anything you set your mind to!”