Smith Lee Productions -
Some of SmithLee clients include: Murder Happens, Black Fast, Bears on Fire,
Ten 9 central.
SmithLee Studios have been operating for over 30 years, and it is clear that they believe that the quality of their people is the main reason for their success.  A seven member team of award winning professionals includes staff audio engineers, writers, programmers and composers.  This seasoned group, in addition to their combined college experience and degrees, offer their clientele more than 80 years of combined experience.

With audio tracks heard througout the nation and the world, SmithLee engineers share diverse backgrounds in broadcast, music and theater.

The award winning facility is another reason for SmithLee’s success.  One of the most important tools, next to our ears is the acoustical environment in which they work.  It is in this that helps SmithLee capture and shape the sounds that become their product.

Shock City Studios -

Some of Shock City clients include:Dropkick Murphys, Pitbull, Big Boi, Diddy, Erin Bode.

If you or your band is looking for a large format recording facility, then look at Shock City Studios. Specializing in music recording, production, podcasts, audiobooks and post production services including Source-connect remote recording, ADR, Foley, sound design, editing, and surround sound mixing.

Shock City is located near downtown St. Louis.  They engage local, notional and international clients with superior service and amenities.  Meeting a wide range of audio needs, from basic demo recordings to corporate productions.


Local Recording Studios in St. Louis

Gaslight Studios -

Music Studio, Lounge, Recording Studio, Restaurant, Live Music.

Focusing on high quality, live recordings Gaslight Studios is a unique music studio.  The first of its kind, Gaslight is a space that will provide music lovers with behind the scenes access to the creative recording process and give a unique perspective to  patrons and musicians alike.  This unique environment houses a bar, lounge, restaurant and of course a state of the art recording studio.

Come in, enjoy a beverage or meal and get a rare, first hand look at a recording session in progress.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the facility or book a private event,please contact JB Anderson at 314-496-0628 or

Sawhorse Studios

Feed, Troubadour Dali and the Trip Daddys among other groups have called on McEntire’s services, and the results can stand side by side with many big-budget studio recordings.  Much of the studio’s charm is the mix of modern and classical technology that McEntire has assembled.  The studio is mostly digital but has a room full of vintage old amps by Vox and Ampeg, as well as classic Rhodes, Hammond and Wurlitzer keyboards, lending some analog warmth and credibility to the proceedings.

What looks like a sleepy store front in a residential stretch of South City row houses actually contains enough top of the line recording equipment and vintage microphones and instruments to make collectors salivate.  Jason McEntire runs the show as engineer with both technical know-how and good aesthetic sense to assist local bands  make a little sonic magic.

Clayton Studios -

Some of Clayton Studios clients include:Bommarito Nissan, Club Fitness, Precision Garage Door, Suntrup Hyundai.

Starting out as a single booth audio recording studio, today Clayton Studios has 5 editing suites, including two video editing workstations and a large music studio.  Having always prided themselves with having the greatest customers in the world, Clayton Studios believe in great quality and a great price.

What Clayton Studios does best is commercials, music and duplication.  They also do more!  Helping talent find jobs with our website.  Large music and sound effects libraries and a very talented staff round out the deal.  Give them a call today!