2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Greaser’s Lunchbox airing on KDHX. The show’s host Al Swacker announced the two decade milestone on the program’s Facebook page on January 3rd. Each year, the show’s anniversary week coincides with Elvis Presley’s birthday; a fitting toast to the show that carries the torch the King lit.

The two-hour long program features rock n’ roll in all of its incarnations with a particular focus on its inceptive form: rockabilly. A consistent platform for in-studio performances featuring local, national and international musical groups, the show has also been host to live interviews as well as call-in song requests. True to its moniker, the show continues to air at “lunchtime”; from noon until 2 pm on Thursdays

Greaser’s Lunchbox 20th Anniversary on KDHX

Photo from social media

Al Swacker