A production company building local community engagement through film.

Writer, actor and director Lacey Turner has teamed with cinematographer Justin Holmes to create 35Multimedia, a production company specializing in locally produced short films.  The duo has released five projects to date and has set the audacious goal of hosting 300 community-based events this year.

Lacey Turner was a paid professional battle rapper for the better part of a decade until he attended Webster University to concentrate on his passion for film, earning a film production degree with a media communications minor.  Turner and Holmes, both North County residents, met through a film project and a bond was struck. 

Armed with a minor in Business Administration from Harris Stowe State University, Holmes had the post-production skill set to perfectly complement Turner’s pre-production vision.  Together they share the common goal of building a self-sustaining production company through farming St. Louis acting talent and building local community engagement through film.

The pair set out to capture the energy unique to their home city in the six part fictional drama, “The Lou,” which centers on the lives of eight friends in Ferguson following the aftermath of the Michael Brown verdict.   That same realistic, local edge is found in “Best Authentic Real Stories” when Turner scripts a battle rap scene as a nod to his first love.