Letter from the Publisher
N. Wayne Bell  

Welcome and thank you for taking a look at your new Love of Music Magazine® - St. Louis

What high school did you go to? 
Who cares where you attended high school!!  This is about music!

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It’s truly an honor to publish The Love of Music Magazine® - St. Louis. First, I’d like to thank our hard working staff.  It’s through their qualified, committed hands that this media piece comes to life. I personally thank every single person that has taught me anything about music. This publication was designed with forethought for artists, musicians, singers, writers, photographers: anyone who holds in their heart a love for music. Whether you are an opera diva, metal-head, moon-stomper, pop star, cowboy, crust punk, psychobilly, rapper, hip-hopper, lone wolf, producer, music exec, total beginner or you just love music:  this pub is for you. We’re here to support you, your music and when possible your career.

This inaugural edition is being distributed as physical copies, digital copies, via traditional and non-traditional media outlets, social media and other distribution methods. Our company’s goal is to distribute to 200,000 readers across the St. Louis region.

We love being part of an industry where creativity and imagination lay the foundation for success. Dreams and ideas are the fountain of life to me as ideas are fleeting, tender and require due respect and dignity.  Let no person kill a dream, lest they only damage themselves. It’s teamwork that makes the dream work.

For the last 30 years it has been awesome to be in the publishing industry. Meeting all walks of life and people of varied backgrounds; learning to understand every personis precious and important. In my humble opinion, nothing is more important than honesty and respect for the people in which you come in contact or spend your time.

We have published products for Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, Eric Montanez, NBCUniversal, Cage the Elephant, Sponge Bob Square Pants (the movie), Cirque du Soleil, the Radio City Rockettes,  Country legend Ronnie Milsap, and pro-wrestling, to name a few, as these products were built for the music industry.  I have found a new home and becoming an Executive Music Producer alongside Tony Bongiovi (center spread article) has been exciting.

Our team has access to all the major recording studios and their affiliates.  We exist to help build success for the next generation, with experiences and talent from the people who helped create the American music scene, including sharing of knowledge from the “old guys”.  With a spirit of love, inclusion, peace, honesty and integrity we make this magazine for artists and musicians.  I think all music deserves respect.


St. Louis has a vibrant music community filled with some of the most talented individuals on the planet.  I don’t know if it’s the bleak, grey winters or the humidity drenched summers or the fact that almost every neighborhood in the city smells like a brewery but lots of folks are sitting down to practice their songs in this city.  Everyone seems to have their own criticisms of “the scene:”  not getting paid enough for live performances, grief from petty scenesters, lack of pathways to true successes, feeling like we are “fly-over territory.”   We’ve all heard the complaints.  Here is your forum on how we can get better.  This is your city, this is your scene, this is your music, this is your magazine, St. Louis.  Come play.

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